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If you are looking for an adult Husky or Malamute, Contact Us and we will notify you if any become available for adoption.

Boarding at D and J Kennels

Our Front Desk

OUR BOARDING HOURS (Check-in / Check-out)*:

Monday - Friday, 7:00 - 10:00 am, 7:00 - 8:00 pm
Saturday 8:00 - 10:00 am
Sunday 7:00 - 8:00 pm

* - A $25 fee will be charged for check-in / check-out outside of normal hours

Boarding at D&J Kennels
Our Boarding Facilities

Our Kennel, Home away from Home

Our goal is to provide your pet a very caring and comfortable environment when you cannot be home.  We strive to give your pet the same care and attention that we give our own pets, creating a place that’s a home away from your home. 

We provide a comfortable environment for your pets with plenty of country air as we are in a beautiful country setting in the foot hills of the Pennsylvania’s mountains.  Our kennel is totally climate controlled, with in-floor heat when cold and air conditioning when it’s hot.

We have many sections for boarding dogs of all sizes.  In all sections, the kennels are full-sized and fully furnished with bowls, buckets, and kennel decks for comfortable and dry sleeping, and music.  These kennels are large enough that a family of pets do not have to be separated, unless they need to be. 

D and J also boards cats!

D&J also boards cats!

Now, cats can stay at D and J Kennels!  Cats get the same great love and attention we give dogs staying with us.  Our separate area for cats includes plush carpeting, is climate controlled and has toys for your cat to play with. 

Our second room is known as the quiet room.  In this room, we have five kennels which are given as priority to small dogs or dogs that cannot tolerate stress.  The quiet room is also furnished the same as the main boarding.

Additionally, we have extra options available for our K-9 guests such as pampered pooches, nature walks, along with extra play time with members of our staff.

Bedding and blankets are available for your pet’s stay in any room upon request.

Our goal is to provide every dog and cat that stay with us a very caring and comfortable environment.  We strive to give your pet the same care and attention that we give our own pets, creating a place that’s a home away from your home.

Our Boarding Facilities:
Outside Run

Our fenced in pet security area is a perfect area for our staff to exercise your important family member.  Note the area is very open and plenty of room for running and exercising.  They're equipped with turf yards and roofing for a great time.

Inside Kennels

We have oversized, stainless steel kennel runs so your dog is not forced to stay in a small cage.  Along with access to the outside exercise areas.  We’ve also added more room to accommodate larger breeds. 

Inside Kennel

We have a Quiet Room for our guests that need a less stressful environment.  Our kennels come complete with heated floors and climate controlled AC to keep your pet comfortable year-round. 

Inside Kennels

Our professional and personal dog care center, also offers bathing services for your dogs: regular and medicated baths, flea and tick treatments, nail clipping, and other services to keep you pet healthy and happy. 

Bath Stall

When it’s time for that bath before you’re pup goes home, we have a complete walk in shower and tub to wash all their play time dirt away.  We should be so lucky!. 

Kennel Lobby

We also offer all the accessories that you may need for your pup or adult dog. 

If you’d like more information on our canine boarding services, give us a call at
570-539-2771 or jot us a line using our handy contact form.